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Stone – 2007

Travelling to Leeds again I am struck By how my horizons have changed; Have shrunk beyond all recognition My world, once blessed by love and Alive with endless possibility; contracted To painful and pain-filled within weeks And now so small … Continue reading

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Protected: Trouble – 2009

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Udderly ridiculous!

I grew up eating very traditional food – tripe and onions, marrow bones, my mother’s Italian dishes and once, to my utter disgust, rabbit. As we grew older and everyone got busier, dinner was a more slapdash affair, but when … Continue reading

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Protected: For Sally and Alison – June 2010

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Samhain – 2006

Lighting candles this Samhain for lives lived close to me I grieve for those taken too soon and who left behind Mysteries of form and fire for us to dwell on Sadly during long nights of dark and chill Being … Continue reading

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Harvest – 2006

I watch the harvest brought in over the hills See the flowers fruit and the bees gather the Last of the year’s honey to sweeten their hives The dark settles in earlier now Soon the geese will move to sunnier … Continue reading

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Those pesky immigrants …

A few week’s back, I was in a cab, trying to get a cat to the vet.  My road is tiny and should really be one-way but instead the powers that be decided it needed to be two-way.  The road … Continue reading

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Cupid and other stunts

There was a wonderful comic and comedian called Kenny Everett on British television in the late 70s/ early 80s who sadly passed away too soon and too young.  He played amongst others, a colourful character called Cupid Stunt.  The term … Continue reading

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A mouse in the paw beats two in the bush

S, my lovely neighbour has given me a sign to hang up in my garden for my birthday.  It reads “I fought the weeds and the weeds won”.  She has the most beautiful garden, with just the right amount of … Continue reading

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Having mentioned Loki over a couple of articles, I thought it best to research a little about him, my knowledge of Norse mythology being abut as good as my grasp of quantum physics. Interestingly, Loki was the father of Hel … Continue reading

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