For Masego Kgomo, aged 10

Masego, did the man who took you as you played

With the children in the street,

His sister amongst their number, smile at you

As he lured you away to your death?

Did he ever stop to think his sister was

Just like you or did he instead forget you

Were a little girl as he imprisoned you in a room

Leaving you at the mercy of men who

Raped you as they drank cider

And lost their humanity?

Did a single thought of remorse

Pass through his worthless head

When he led you away again, in pain and sobbing

to the Sangoma who had offered money

For your tender body and then,

Depending on which of his versions is the truth,

Held you down whilst that miserable excuse

For a traditional healer sprinkled you with water

Opened you up like a corpse

As you screamed and pleaded and cried

And removed your womb, cut off your breast

And took your bladder with his bare hands

Before you died in agony on that dirt floor?

May a curse rest on all who harmed you and

All those who pay for and trade in this obscene traffic

May they never get a moment’s peace or blessing in their short lives

And may your screams haunt them from this life to the next.

About titflasher

Writer, blogger, animal activist, people activist, dream-catcher maker, mommy to 9 cats and a roving band of foxes ... Blog name comes from my father's suggestion for the title of my autobiography ... after my mother's and my awful habit of flashing whenever the security police took our photo in the dark old days of apartheid South Africa. I love nature, including creepy crawlies and people, find life fascinating and frustrating and have two terrible weaknesses - nictotine and animals in distress ... can't abide the latter situation and can't give up the former. I'm Pagan but not anti-Christian, funny but quite serious, light-hearted but can be annoying. I am warm-hearted until someone p*sses on me too much, then I get soggy and even. Feel free to link me but all the words on these pages is copyrighted, so copy it and take the credit and I will find you and slap you upside the head, hard. The blog is probably best read via category as there is loads on here already, and I just got started :-)
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4 Responses to For Masego Kgomo, aged 10

  1. 3amWisdom says:

    No words. Just no words.

    • titflasher says:

      No I was beyond horrified when I read this story. That poor child and her poor parents. I hope every single one of these “people” is caught and never ever gets out again. It is one of the few times when I believe that there is no room for compassion or care or an attempt at understanding what drove them to do it. They are evil, pure and simple and should be treated as such.

  2. Narky says:

    I gasped in horror when I saw that report. Like 3am, I have no words at all.

  3. titflasher says:

    I had words but none that would help really? How do we go about trying to understand the motivation of someone who would do this? I cannot find anything in my heart to grant them compassion or care …

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