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Guest post: From Emily Nunn

A pet is for life….. I am the very proud and very lucky Mummy of a beautiful five month old boy. My son Lucas is, just as I’m sure any mother would say of her child, the centre of my … Continue reading

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Merry festive season!

That sounds very PC (and very unlike me) but seriously guys, I hope you all have a wonderful festive season.  Thanks for being my readers, for your comments, emails and links.  They are much appreciated.  I wish you and your … Continue reading

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Please, please share …

This lady, who has spent her life rescuing unwanted pets, is facing her final battle and has brain cancer.  She only has a few weeks left to live and wants to see her animals placed in new homes before she … Continue reading

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Dear Animal Activists …

… the correct response to a post on facebook about a case of animal abuse is not “oh the poor widdle doggie”. You speak lolspeak on a thread showing an abused animal, I want to kick you up the ass … Continue reading

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Merlin, my mad cat

Dear Merlin Thank you for waking me up this morning by trashing and I mean trashing the entire spare room. Mixing the cat litter with damp soil and stamping soil into the carpet was an extra special touch, as was … Continue reading

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Narky just said it …

I have several blog posts in production but none of them more important than this one … Narky just said it and said it exceptionally well …  Please read it.

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