I’m sorry …

Dear Mr Electric Meter Reader I am sorry. I did warn you when you knocked on our door that I was ill, I wasn’t dressed, the place was a mess, the cats were indoors and it probably was better if you came back another day.

But you came in anyway.

The fact that you proceeded to trip over a curious cat on the way into the kitchen, a food bowl when you were in the kitchen and another cat when you were on the way out of the kitchen, having read the meter, is not my fault.

You are clearly not a cat person, but you were warned, so not my fault either.

Nor is the fact that when you tripped over the second cat, who to be fair was only trotting over to say hello, you came face to face with my computer screen. I am very sorry that just before you arrived I was looking up something on the PC.

I am also very sorry that it is clear you have had a very sheltered upbringing. You looked absolutely terrified, and actually stopped, mid-trip, your face frozen in a grimace of horror.

You bounded out of my house so fast, the third to last floorboard in the hall actually bounced you out of the door and you nearly landed facedown on my pathway.

I am also sorry that Merlin watched you dash down the road with the most human-like sneer on his little face. It really wasn’t fair of him. But he doesn’t like people who don’t like cats.

And me?  I was simply looking up a list of no kill animal shelters in the US and because of this, I went to the one website that consistently has the right information.

Interrupted on my sick day: Annoying

Feeding and looking after 7 cats: Expensive

Watching them trip anti-cat person up: Deeply amusing

Watching stupid man come face to face with the Animal Liberation Front webpage: Priceless

About titflasher

Writer, blogger, animal activist, people activist, dream-catcher maker, mommy to 9 cats and a roving band of foxes ... Blog name comes from my father's suggestion for the title of my autobiography ... after my mother's and my awful habit of flashing whenever the security police took our photo in the dark old days of apartheid South Africa. I love nature, including creepy crawlies and people, find life fascinating and frustrating and have two terrible weaknesses - nictotine and animals in distress ... can't abide the latter situation and can't give up the former. I'm Pagan but not anti-Christian, funny but quite serious, light-hearted but can be annoying. I am warm-hearted until someone p*sses on me too much, then I get soggy and even. Feel free to link me but all the words on these pages is copyrighted, so copy it and take the credit and I will find you and slap you upside the head, hard. The blog is probably best read via category as there is loads on here already, and I just got started :-)
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8 Responses to I’m sorry …

  1. Diana says:

    When I’m ill I just refuse the fuckers because they do stomp in like mardy gets and gah not in the mood if poorly!

  2. Phil Groom says:

    As you say: priceless! 😀

  3. Paula Ann Walker says:

    I really did laugh out loud – and I’m still smiling and my eyes are weeping. Ditto – Priceless! 😀

  4. MsLeftie says:

    Thanks for that I really laughed out loud… 🙂

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