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How to live with nine cats and not lose your mind …

People ask me what it is like to live with nine (Nine? NINE? NNNINE? Yeah, nine.) cats … here is a snapshot .. 1.  Forget about greeting any visitors normally. Because those people who wish to sell you things (cheap … Continue reading

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Oh god, it’s so Black ….

You know, every now and again I stumble across something which makes me cringe, big time. Inside my olivey, untanned, so-called “White” skin, it makes my flesh creep. I recently joined a group that celebrated and shared memories of the … Continue reading

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No time of year is as emotive as this one. For those of us who had less than loving childhoods, Christmas, with all its expectations of emotion, love, excitement and presents, more often than not descended into chaos, abuse, pain … Continue reading

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Blood part 3: Blood will out

My father was quietly terrified of his Grandmother and was schooled by his mother into behaving impeccably around her. Latterly, she lived in a large house, on the outskirts of a golf course with her second husband, a solicitor named … Continue reading

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Blood, part 2

Back to grandmother Millie … she was petite, tiny in fact, slim, dyed blonde, smelled of expensive perfume, gin and cigarettes. She was a complex character. In the UK, she set up her front room full of African things, where … Continue reading

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History is a funny thing.  You can ignore it, work round it, forget it.  But in little subversive ways, it always comes back to bite you. It is not a well-known fact that I was sexually abused as a child.  … Continue reading

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A life well lived – RIP Christina Scott

If I close my eyes for a moment, I can still see her.  An accented voice on the phone transformed into a tiny bundle of frenetic energy, dark of hair, purposeful of tone, striding into the office and demanding to … Continue reading

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