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Blood part 3: Blood will out

My father was quietly terrified of his Grandmother and was schooled by his mother into behaving impeccably around her. Latterly, she lived in a large house, on the outskirts of a golf course with her second husband, a solicitor named … Continue reading

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Blood, part 2

Back to grandmother Millie … she was petite, tiny in fact, slim, dyed blonde, smelled of expensive perfume, gin and cigarettes. She was a complex character. In the UK, she set up her front room full of African things, where … Continue reading

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When I fall in love, I tend to do it fully, just as I do most things – properly or not at all. This leaves me with a bit of an issue now that my relationship has ended. I have … Continue reading

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Strange habits …

There is an old English saying which goes “There’s nowt so queer as folk” meaning that there is nothing weirder than humans and I can happily confirm the same applies to cats.  Currently in my house I have: (a)                A … Continue reading

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RIP Rosie

Rescue work can be unrelentingly hard. There are simply not enough homes and too many people who breed their animals. A very simple equation which results in the most horrible situations I have seen in my life. And there is … Continue reading

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History is a funny thing.  You can ignore it, work round it, forget it.  But in little subversive ways, it always comes back to bite you. It is not a well-known fact that I was sexually abused as a child.  … Continue reading

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A charity well worth supporting …

Regular readers may have seen a post in February about a wonderufl new charity.  Well that charity is going from strength to strength and the committe recently had their second main meeting.  As ever, it was filled with laughter, love … Continue reading

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