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With cats like this, who needs demons ;-)

For years, after a plague of evangelical Christians on my doorstep and after the Arthur-Merlin-Guinevere-Felix-Beelzebub Incident (which I think is on this blog somewhere), I have been left alone to pretty much get on with my Pagan life. Until tonight.  … Continue reading

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The minefield of middle-aged affairs … or … how it turned out just fine despite Everything

Embarking on a love affair at the advanced decrepit decades of 40 and 50 is a whole new learning experience for both of us.  It is fairly common “wisdom” that we will be stuck in our ways, that we won’t … Continue reading

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Norway …

Sometimes, there are no words big enough or deep enough to respond to evil.  Sometimes all we can do is work together to prevent it, to educate, to turn hate to love.  That’s all I have to say really – … Continue reading

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Everything I wanted to say about Amy Winehouse’s death is here … Thanks JJJJ xx

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Remembering Suzy 1977 – 1991

Just over 20 years ago on 8 July 1991, my beautiful cat Suzy died.  Suzy came to us in the usual Jenkin fashion – completely unplanned.  We had a dog Mina, who was a Keeshond (, with a thick, fluffy … Continue reading

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