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Protected: The banality of evil

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Titflasher bites her tongue

I have a lot of animal rescue stuff on my facebook (quelle surprise!) and every now and then I have to bite my tongue and hold my hands behind my back due to amazingly stupid, (I hope) well-meaning but ultimately … Continue reading

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… is taking a short break whilst she deals with the flu …

Not content with allowing poxy swine flu in Christmas, my immune system has allowed normal flu to have a go … am seeing it off with multiple doses of tea, fruit and hot toddies; as well as antibiotics for the … Continue reading

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The Two Lives of Thomasina, a joint Titflasher and PurpleNoise Blogspot

Scene:  A busy coffee shop in an equally busy railway station in South London.  One woman is sat at a table, smoking.  Another runs towards her off the concourse, yelling “Miaow, Miaow, Miaow”.  Smoking woman grabs her and they dissolve … Continue reading

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We are safe …

To everyone who has written, emailed, facebooked and commented – thanks very much for your concern, love and care.  We are safe, the riots did not reach us and we only experienced a few incidents of isolated violence and looting … Continue reading

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…now has a facebook page …  

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I am utterly without a single coherent word …

at the moment as I watch my home town go up in flames.  The buildings I pass every day, the shopkeepers I know who work hard to keep their businesses afloat, the buses I travel on alight … my family’s … Continue reading

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